Kites For Kids™ has educated more than 600,000 children about the magical world of kites. We soar into our 18th school year providing an extremely fun, motivating , and highly educational kite assembly. The "Super Show" includes an exciting visual presentation covering kite history, types, safety, aerodynamics, etc., as well as a hands-on kite making experience with each student building their own very colorful, great flying kite! The "Classic Show" is the same exciting program, excluding the kite making. Both shows are multi-subject, STANDARDS BASED  grade specific and include a professional demonstration. "Anti-drug" and "School is Cool" message is always emphasized. Program may be customized to focus on specific subjects of interest or specific themes. Also great for family nights, scout troops, carnivals, parties, etc.

Many times voted "Best assembly of the year" by PTA's, teachers and students! Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Space fills quickly, schedule early for best availability.


Fuel recovery fee may apply for schools more than 40 miles round trip.

SUPER SHOW (Sections 1, 2, and 3)

Less than 250 Students: Flat Rate of $495 Total Cost
250 - 449 Students: $1.94/student (No flat rate)
450 - 599 Students:  $1.69/student (No flat rate)
600+ Students: $1.59/student (No flat rate)

Prices assume one school day starting first thing in the morning (Multiple days, afternoon only assemblies,  evenings, summer, and weekends may be slightly higher) include all 3 sections, and all kite making materials. Kites are safe, durable, easy to build, and they fly GREAT! Two long tails and 100 feet of cotton string on molded plastic handle are included. Choice of 6 colors for kite and 8 for tails is offered!

CLASSIC SHOW (Sections 1 and 3)

$395.00: First presentation.
$95.00:   Each additional presentation.

Prices assume one school day starting first thing in the morning. Later starting times may be slightly higher.


$525.00:  First presentation.
$175.00 Each additional presentation.

(Up to 300 persons, includes kite making for up to 100 per presentation, $1.00/kite thereafter.)

*Prices subject to change without notice.

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